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Successful Singing Valentines

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Valentine's Music Package

Click here to download Valentine's Day sheet music package (in .ZIP format)
(Includes a customizable intro for her/his name, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Heart of My Heart, and I Love You Truly.)

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A Singing Valentine is the Sound of Love
Download .EMFDownload .EPS
A Singing Valentine is the Sound of Love
Download .EMFDownload .EPS
Singing Valentines script logo showing cartoon young quartet on a big Valentine heart background
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Singing Valentines banner logo showing cartoon young quartet on a fading gradient oval background
Download .EMFDownload .EPS
Singing Valentines logo showing cartoon young quartet and two roses
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Cartoon young Barbershop Quartet drawin in profile singing a Singing Valentine
Download .EMFDownload .EPS
Long-stemmed red rose "wearing" a bowtie
Download .EMFDownload .EPS
The Music Fills Your Heart
Download .EMFDownload .EPS
Cupid's arrow piercing through two Valentine hearts
Download .EMFDownload .EPS
Say "I Love You” with a song and leave your sweetheart speechless!
(Animated Banner Ad for Web only
— no .EMF nor .EPS available!)

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